1. Your child has food on his face from breakfast and you are headed into preschool,

a. you moisten a tissue from your car with water from a water bottle and wipe his face
b. you dip a Dunkin Donuts napkin in iced coffee and wipe his face
c. you lick your finger and use your finger to wipe his face
d. you just lick his face
e. you just leave the food on his face and figure he can lick it off himself for snack

2. Your child is crying out your name in the middle of the night for the third time and you are exhausted,

a. you jump out of bed happily and go to your child to comfort and calm her
b. you pretend you are asleep for a few minutes and hope your husband hears her and gets up for you
c. you nudge your husband and ask him to get up and go to the child
d. you teach your child the next day to yell Daddy in the middle of the night instead of Mommy

3. Your child doesn’t want to get in the bath that you have prepared,

a. you put a few floating toys in the tub and gently encourage her child to get in
b. you let him skip the bath and figure you can clean him tomorrow with a napkin dipped in old Dunkin Donuts coffee
c. you get in the bath yourself and relax for a few minutes, you haven’t had a relaxing bath in years

4. It is just before bedtime and your child remembers he has homework that he did not do

a. you show grace since this is the first time your child has forgotten and you let your child get up and do his work
b. you show grace and tell your child to go to sleep and that you will get him up early to complete the homework
c. you decide to homeschool your child so you will know when all the homework is due
d. you do the homework yourself because you want everyone to go to bed, you can do it faster, and you’ll get a better grade anyway

5. Your child says, “I love you”

a. you quickly stop whatever you are doing and go to your child and say, “I love you, too”
b. you thank God that He gave you a child and one that loves you
c. you photograph this moment in your head so you can think about it the first time your child says, “I hate you”
d. you thank God again for the privilege and honor and great responsibility of being a mom
e. all of the above