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Join Gigi Schweikert, early childhood expert, mother of four, and author of the popular Winning Ways for Early Childhood Professionals book series, as she takes us down the sometimes frustrating, yet always rewarding road of early childhood education. Gigi’s practical ideas and realistic perspective on working with young children have you laughing and learning how to be a more effective educator. Teaching parents and teachers to help every child succeed is Gigi’s life passion.

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Like many of you, I have been working with young children all my life, really since I was 18 months old when my brother, David, was born - my life as a first-born with a couple siblings. Can anyone relate? Actually, I was nine, when I started officially working with children. I set up a summer camp in my backyard for the neighborhood kids. Parents paid fifty cents a day per child. Good deal for them!

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"Gigi Schweikert is one of my favorite writers -- she speaks from real life experience, cuts right to the chase, and uses humor well to enliven her messages.  Her latest work, Being a Supervisor, touches on a critical role.  Study after study has confirmed that the quality of supervision in a center has a direct impact on quality of care!  In Being a Supervisor, Gigi provides a healthy mix of self-evaluation and reflection tools and practical advice current or would-be supervisors can put immediately into practice."

Roger Neugebauer
Publisher, Exchange Magazine


Gigi's Journal

Take the Mommy Quiz

June 13, 2018

1. Your child has food on his face from breakfast and you are headed into preschool, a. you moisten a tissue from your car with water from a water bottle and wipe his face b. you dip a Dunkin Donuts napkin in iced coffee and wipe his face c. you lick your finger and use…

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Vacation Get-Away

June 13, 2018

Ever been totally stressed out? Have a “To Do” list longer than your life expectancy? Need a vacation? That’s me most of the time. Recently I found myself on a two-night, three-day, all-inclusive getaway. Food included, transportation to the facility, excellent service, parting gifts and a room for two. My roommate left with stitches and…

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Grown-Up Mommy Girlfriends

June 13, 2018

Grown-Up Mommy Girlfriends let you drop your kids off at their house when you have a doctor’s appointment, can’t find a babysitter or just need a break. They know when you’re about to cry, when you can’t take your children crying anymore and the best movies for a good cry. They give you extra diapers…

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