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Take the Mommy Quiz

1. Your child has food on his face from breakfast and you are headed into preschool, a. you moisten a tissue from your car with water from a water bottle and wipe his face b. you dip a Dunkin Donuts napkin in iced coffee and wipe his face c. you lick your finger and use…

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Vacation Get-Away

Ever been totally stressed out? Have a “To Do” list longer than your life expectancy? Need a vacation? That’s me most of the time. Recently I found myself on a two-night, three-day, all-inclusive getaway. Food included, transportation to the facility, excellent service, parting gifts and a room for two. My roommate left with stitches and…

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Grown-Up Mommy Girlfriends

Grown-Up Mommy Girlfriends let you drop your kids off at their house when you have a doctor’s appointment, can’t find a babysitter or just need a break. They know when you’re about to cry, when you can’t take your children crying anymore and the best movies for a good cry. They give you extra diapers…

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